Sunday, September 03, 2006

RSS and newsreaders

For this exercise, I have been learning about RSS. The links provided to explore and learn about RSS were very informative. Another staff member had shared experiences about RSS so this was helpful and I added a comment to the participant's blog. I was able to set up a bloglines account and think I correctly subscribed to around 20 feeds including several of my co-workers and PLCMC's feeds. RSS is very promising for libraries so that staff can keep up with new information, technology, etc. and save time as well. There is so much new information to learn about RSS that I will need to spend extra time making sure that everything is set up correctly. I'll probably check with a few of my co-workers too. I am definitely learning and growing a lot during this exercise!

Here are the links I set up quite a while ago but forgot to post on this entry. Here they are now


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