Monday, September 18, 2006

#15 Library 2.0

While reading different perspectives on Library 2.0, there were several phrases and words that really jumped out to me. Tom Storey mentioned an “open, programmable web” which made me think of Library 2.0 as a place where all people will contribute content to the web. I think this will change libraries of the future and has already begun to do so. Rick Anderson mentioned in his article about bringing “digital access to everything” and bringing information to our users through the web instead of always expecting users to come to us. I think this will become even truer. Libraries of the future will be providing information to users who may never enter the physical library building. Another article on Library 2.0 mentioned that libraries serve as communities. Libraries of the future and even now serve as community centers and hubs. This will only increase will time. Library 2.0 to me is about learning and collaboration. Some users will connect to libraries through technology, some through community space, and others through print material. To me Library 2.0 is about learning and always taking in new information through electronic and print means. This new information must be sorted through and used to make quicker and more informed decisions.


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